Fresh Australian grown produce is in demand.

Costa is proud to grow fresh quality produce with strict growing protocols in place. Our produce is grown, nurtured, harvested and packed to ensure quality and safety is never compromised.

We are absolutely confident in our ability to satisfy the requirements for overseas markets.

Costa has exclusive worldwide licensing rights in all of the berry varieties that have been developed and commercialised.

Costa is now a world leader in the area of blueberry varietal improvement. We have an active Berry Varietal IP Unit which, coupled with a long standing collaboration with the University of Florida, has developed numerous blueberry varieties.

These varieties are in high demand all over the world – including the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. The varieties are licensed to a number of parties (including licensing to Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates the rights to Costa’s blueberry varieties in the Americas), and Costa continues to develop new varieties and territories.

Costa has a joint venture in Morocco, which was formed in 2007 to plant Costa blueberry varieties in a similar climate to Corindi (NSW) and to supply the UK and European markets. Costa has also established a Joint Venture in China with Driscoll's growing berries in southern China, and has trial sites at a range of other locations around the globe






We produce citrus of the best colour and taste possible, for local and overseas consumers to enjoy.

Costa is relied upon by retailers, wholesalers and food producers to deliver exceptional Australian grown citrus. 

Our growers are continually innovating their growing techniques and agronomy for better plant health, yield and fruit quality. Plus, we respond to changing market dynamics to ensure we grow the fruit that more people want to eat. Beyond the growers, our state-of-the-art packing facilities and supply chain ensure that all of our citrus fruit remains at its best for longer.

We export 60-70% of our fruit (under the Vitor and Kangara brands) to Japan, Hong Kong, North America, SE Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Costa exports premium glasshouse grown hydroponic tomatoes to Asia, via air freight, weekly.

These fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes are delivered 52 weeks a year to our Asia export customers thanks to Costa’s investment in growing technologies, cool chain logistics, R&D and new product innovation.

Our 30 hectares of glasshouse located in Guyra, New South Wales, is the most modern of its kind, delivering year-round consistency in terms of quality, taste and availability.

The Blush® export product range includes an innovative offering across pre-packed Snacking, Specialty, Cocktail and Large Truss varieties and we welcome any opportunities to supply into Asia.

Costa is a true leader when it comes to table grapes. We are known around Australia – and throughout the world – for producing red, white and black grapes of exceptional quality.

This quality can be traced back to our world-class farming practices, our highly committed team of growers, and the rigour of our supply chain.

We enjoy strong support from third party suppliers in all the major table grape growing regions of Australia; and we complement the local supply with grapes imported from Sun World and other growers in California during our local winter months. In response to market demand, we are working hard to develop new brands of seedless grapes. Much of this work is done with our genetics partner, Sun World.

We market and sell over 2 million boxes of grapes per year. Of this, we export 25% of the product to over 20 countries.




We welcome overseas supply partner opportunities. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.