Our people are the foundation of

the Costa business

The Costa business is founded on the principles of People First, a character and values based program that is driven by passion and performance. We know that a company like Costa is only as successful as its people. We strive for integrity and honesty in ourselves and seek out these qualities in our partners and employees. By valuing and rewarding character, we’re ensuring the sustainability, development and profitable growth of our business.



We have the energy and enthusiasm to challenge the status quo


We act decisively and urgently


We focus on outcomes and deliver on commitments


We act boldly in an open, honest and responsible manner


We treat others as we expect to be treated in attitude, communication and personal safety

If you speak to any Costa employee you'll learn that People First is a genuine commitment.

It influences everything we do from R&D to harvest and post-harvest practices and our commitment to Zero Harm in our workplaces.

Zero Harm

Our workplace health and safety strategy is a key element of our business plan and is underpinned by 3 key pillars:

1. To protect

2. To improve culture

3. To be the best

Zero Harm is our commitment to the ongoing protection of our people, assets and environment.

Our comprehensive safety program makes Costa an industry leader and we’re proud that (along with People First) employees cite Zero Harm as a unique Costa philosophy and practice. Zero Harm is a genuine commitment to safety and is embedded in every aspect of our business.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute suggestions for improvement and to report hazards before they cause harm.

Operating principles

  • Safety is never compromised

  • A safe work environment is the responsibility of all employees and contractors

  • Compliance with safety standards and procedures is non-negotiable

  • We must build and maintain our safety culture together

  • Safety is an integral part of all planning, design, and operations