Costa Farms and Logistics helps other growers to market their products through some of Australia's biggest wholesale markets.

Retailers, independent grocers and restaurants want the highest quality of fresh produce. Costa Farms and Logistics delivers, every time.

Costa Farms and Logistics operates from three sites:

  • Melbourne Wholesale Market, Epping VIC
  • Brisbane Wholesale Market, Rocklea QLD
  • Adelaide Wholesale Market, Pooraka SA

Naturally, we get the most joy out of giving our consumers produce grown by Costa-owned farms. Yet we’re also proud to source and sell fruit and vegetables from our growing partners across Australia.  The alliances help us to achieve our goal of supplying fresh produce all year round. 

Costa Farms and Logistics always sources locally where possible, and upholds stringent distribution standards to ensure produce always arrives fresh.

Costa Farms and Logistics provides marketing services for growers' produce via our market floor.

Our growing partners are integral to the success of Costa Farms and Logistics, and we work hard to help them grow their business.

The main point of difference that growers experience when working with Costa Farms and Logistics is that we’re not just agents or brokers. We’re growers, like them.  We have a real understanding of the challenges facing farmers, and we can work alongside them, sharing our knowledge and helping to boost their harvests and grow their businesses.

Costa Farms and Logistics is also a national provider of supply chain management and logistics solutions for retail and FMCG companies.

We specialise in distribution centre operations, particularly temperature controlled environments for cold storage and ambient storage solutions.

Around Australia, our consumers rely on the great service and excellent conditions in our warehouses, where the freshness and quality of products are maintained until they hit the supermarket shelves.

We do more than operate warehouses.  Beyond our own distribution centres, we can also help you design and execute your own logistics and distribution plans, or design and construct your own distribution centres.  We also specialise in supply chain information systems that use proven technologies to make your day-to-day operations much smoother.

We get to know your business and add value to your bottom line by delivering simple, repeatable and scalable supply chain strategies that really work.

Speak to our Logistics team today to discover how we can deliver real value to your business.