Costa is renowned for its crisp, juicy table grapes. We deliver our premium quality table grapes throughout Australia and internationally.

With a focus on varietal development to respond to the demands of the market, we are continually improving the quality of the grapes we grow. 


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Wherever possible, Costa uses biological farming practices in order to reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other products.  We also aim to reduce both water use and diesel use as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Farm to family

At Costa, we grow and source table grapes from various growing regions around Australia so that consumers can enjoy our grapes over an extended season.  

To extend availability during winter, when grapes aren’t ready in Australia, we import grapes from the US to ensure year round supply to consumers.

Our grapes are carefully harvested when sugar levels reach maximum sweetness and berry size is at its best.  They are hand picked for optimum quality, then they are carefully packed and distributed throughout Australia.

We pride ourselves on our stringent post harvest management program, which ensures the quality of our grapes isn’t compromised once harvested.  Our biological farming methods include the reintroduction of valuable microflora and microfauna to the soil, to reinstate the natural root zone bio-dynamics.


Costa grows and sources Australian premium quality table grapes from various regions across Australia.  We select the best from each crop to be packed and marketed under the Vitor® and Sun World® brands. 

Our grapes are marketed via these brands:

  • Vitor® 
  • Costa (export)

Growing regions

Our table grape growing regions span three states in Australia's east:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria

Owned farm:

  • Costa Table Grapes – Mundubbera QLD

Growing methods

Costa always seeks to implement world-class agronomic and viticultural principles and practices in the growing of our grapes. This includes:

  • Integrated crop management systems
  • Reduced use of chemicals
  • Biological farming
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Below root-zone solute extraction

We are committed to exploring and using biological farming practices in order to reduce reliance on chemical fertilisers, pesticides and other products.



We grow and source grapes from early to late season, with growth regions around the country and distribution to almost every corner of the country.  During winter, we complement this supply with grapes imported from Sun World, US.

Distribution centres:

  • Euston, NSW (Sunraysia Region)


Costa is proud of its association with Sun World International LLC. We are licensed to grow their key table grape varieties including MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®, AUTUMNCRISP®, ADORA SEEDLESS® , SABLE SEEDLESS® AND SONERA SEEDLESS®

As well, we import grapes from Sun World during winter to complement our supply of Australian grown grapes; and we partner with them in the area of genetic research and development. It’s a rewarding partnership – Sun World is an internationally recognised agri-business, with a focus on innovation and commitment to excellence

Selection and storage

To store:  Refrigerate for 5 to 7 days or store in the freezer for up to 3 months.  

Selection: Choose grapes that are plump, firm to the touch and firmly attached to the stem.

Freezing: To freeze grapes, wash, pat dry and place single layer in the freezer for about two hours. Remove and pack into a resealable plastic bag and return to freezer, removing as much air from the bag to minimise freezer burn.

Preparation:  Wash grapes under cool water before enjoying them.