Black grapes



Striking black grapes are available all year round. They are locally grown during the warm summer months, and imported in winter.


Crisp, indulgent and deliciously juicy, seedless black grapes are perfect on their own or can add a touch of class when enjoyed with cheese and crackers.

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More facts


  • Grapes can be frozen for up to 3 months for a refreshing crisp snack
  • They're packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C
  • There are only 90 calories per 1½ cups of grapes
  • Grapes are a super sweet eating experience



These large, seedless black grapes are firm and crisp in texture with a seductively rich and mature flavour.


These large, round seedless grapes are plump and exotic. They are 15% sweeter than other varieties, and exude a muscat and tropical flavour.


These seedless black grapes are sure to ‘wow’ you with their impressive size and bold appearance. As one of our late-season favorites, they are the perfect snack for seasonal get-togethers. 



While grapes are perfect to pop in your mouth straight from the fridge, they can also shine in many dishes.  We've collated our favourite grape recipes for you to enjoy.