White grapes

White grapes are the most popular table grape. They are available all year round – grown locally during summer months and imported in winter.

Pale green in appearance, white grapes are crisp, sweet and very moreish. Team them with soft cheese and crackers for the perfect platter, or throw some in the kids’ lunchboxes for a refreshing burst of energy.

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More facts


  • White grapes are the most commonly grown variety
  • We leave grapes on the vine to ripen so their natural sugars can develop

  • Grapes can be frozen for up to 3 months for a refreshing snack
  • They're packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C
  • Grapes are a super sweet eating experience
  • When buying, look for strong and healthy vines and stems – they indicate freshness



With large clusters, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at this grape’s firm and crisp texture bursting with mild sweet flavour and subtle hints of Muscat.


Thompson Seedless

Known for its large, long bunches; this oval shaped grape is pale to amber green. With a very sweet flavour, it is widely cultivated for table use and for drying as raisins.


Menindee Seedless

Menindee Seedless grapes are light green to yellow with round, seedless sultana type berries maturing early in the season. This variety has a firm, sweet and slightly tart flesh.




While grapes are perfect to pop in your mouth straight from the fridge, they can also shine in many dishes.  We've collated our favourite grape recipes for you to enjoy.