There is no more convenient and tasty snack than a bunch of grapes. Grapes are the perfect afternoon pick me up, especially when kids get home from school and need that instant energy hit. They can also be packed loose into small containers and bags as a convenient take out snack to work, school, sporting events, parties and picnics.

Because they have a high water content, grapes help keep you hydrated. Natural fructose, along with low GI mean they give you a lasting energy boost, without that "sugar rush" come down you get from chocolate or other sweet snacks.

Nutritional facts:

  • High in fibre to help keep your insides clean and regular
  • Good source of vitamin C (immune system) and vitamin B6 (nervous system)
  • Low GI, so a long lasting source of energy
  • Rich in antioxidants- great for combating the effects of aging and helping keep a healthy heart
  • 80% water, so they keep you hydrated
  • Contain resveratrol (also found in our skin) that contributes to healthy skin, heart and wards against certain viruses

Did you know:

  • Grapes come in a range of colours, including red, black, white, green, blue and gold
  • Grapes are actually categorised as a berry
  • Evidence of grape growing and consumption dates back to around 5,000 BC
  • Eating a large number of grapes can have a laxative effect
  • There are more than 8,000 grape varieties world wide
  • Table grapes are grown differently from wine grapes, largely to prevent skin blemishes
  • Australia produces around 120,000 tonnes of table grapes each year

Midnight Beauty

Large seedless black grapes, firm and crisp in texture with a seductively rich and mature flavour.


Oval shaped grapes that are light red in colour and have a thick skin and sweet, crisp flesh.


Seedless grapes that have sweet, firm flesh, an oval shape and are light green in colour.


Seedless with a firm texture and bright red skin, they are sweet but slightly tart at the same time.

Red Globe

A large, round grape with seeds. They are pinkish-red in colour, with a crisp skin and a very sweet flavour.


Sweet and seedless. Yellow-green colour, small oval shape, thin skin.

Selection and storage

Grapes do not become any sweeter after they have been picked, so it's best to choose grapes that taste delicious and are ready to eat.

Look for grapes that are firm and attached securely to the stem. The stem should be fresh and green, not brown and dry.

Table grapes are hand picked to avoid bruising. If you see grapes that seem blemished or damaged or have spots of mould, don't take them.

The silvery coating on black and red grapes is supposed to be there, it's a naturally occurring protective film.

It is best to store grapes in an air tight container in the fridge, they will last longer and have a crisp, fresh flavour.


The peak growing season for grapes in Australia is from November through to May, with some early and late season regions. Costa imports grapes from Sunworld (California) during low seasons here, so that Australian customers can enjoy grapes all year round.


Read more here about Costa's grape growing.

Costa is proud to partner with Sunworld for the import of grapes as well as genetic research and development.


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