Mushroom brands

Costa Mushrooms

Through the Costa Mushroom brand, Costa has become fully integrated as a grower, distributor and marketer of fresh Australian grown mushrooms. 

Our committed and experienced team works tirelessly to ensure best practice across all growing and post harvest operations. It means we can stick to our promise: to ensure quality fresh Australian grown mushrooms are available for you and your family to enjoy each and every day.  

We grow, nurture and hand-pick for you daily – naturally, it’s what we do!

Adelaide Mushrooms

Adelaide Mushrooms has a reputation for quality. Located in Monarto in Adelaide and spread over 360 acres of land, the purpose-built facility grows premium mushrooms that are then marketed around Australia

Adelaide Mushrooms boasts one of the most advanced mushroom growing facilities in Australia. It upholds an extraordinary level of quality control throughout the growing process – and it shows in the output.

It all begins with composting, which is located onsite at Monarto. There is full traceability of compost, which means that each and every box of mushrooms that leaves the premises can be traced back to the initial bales of hay, its growing cycle and who actually harvested the mushroom. 

Adelaide Mushrooms are available loose or pre-packed. Look out for these mushrooms in all leading supermarkets and independent grocers. 

Tasmanian Mushrooms

The Spreyton mushroom farm in Tasmania has been in production for over 45 years. Its core focus is on provenance-based supply, ensuring the freshest quality product is supplied to consumers within the Tasmanian market.  

Spreyton grows the common white and brown mushrooms and currently supplies Woolworths, IGA and local greengrocers.