Brown mushrooms

Hailing from the white Agaricus family, brown mushrooms have a richer, earthier flavour. Costa grows an exclusive variety of brown mushrooms, and we are the largest supplier in Australia. 

Firm and robust, and with less moisture content, brown mushrooms have a dense, meaty texture. They hold their shape better when cooked, and add a beautiful rustic colour to many meals.

More brown mushroom facts


  • Brown mushrooms hold their shape better when cooked
  • Less moisture content helps to increase their shelf life
  • Costa grows an exclusive variety of brown mushrooms
  • Brown mushrooms are available loose or pre-packed

  • Our brown mushrooms are supplied nationally

Brown varieties

Deep, rich and earthy, these brown mushrooms are dense in texture and robust in flavour.

Swiss Brown cup mushrooms are slightly larger than buttons, and begin to open around the stems. The texture is firm, and as they grow their flavour and colour intensifies.  Cup mushrooms are delicious whole, sliced, diced or quartered – either cooked or raw. The larger cup size makes them ideal for stuffing and baking for that perfect little appetizer. 

Portobello flat open mushrooms have exposed gills and are packed full of flavour. They are essentially Swiss Brown mushrooms  that have been left longer in the peat, so they develop fragrant dark gills and grow into flat mushrooms.

They’re perfect for the BBQ as a side, a tasty burger filling or stuffed and baked with your favourite flavours. 


Foodies love Costa's exclusive brown mushroom variety. They're fast becoming one of Australia's most popular mushrooms amongst chefs and kitchen connoisseurs.  

There are so many ways to enjoy mushrooms. Whether simply sautéed with butter, salt and pepper; or stirred into a creamy risotto; or barbecued with a delicious dressing … there are endless possibilities.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite mushroom recipes. Hope you enjoy them!

Selection and storage

To select: Look for mushrooms that are firm to touch with a fairly uniform colour. Mushrooms are extremely fragile and prone to bruising, so you may find some marks and blemishes. Stems are a good indication of freshness – look for strong, healthy stems when shopping for mushrooms.

To store: Mushrooms are best kept refrigerated. Keep them in their pre-packed punnet or brown paper bag.

To prepare: Simply wipe mushrooms clean with a damp cloth, or quickly immerse in cold water then pat dry if they have excess peat on them. Avoid peeling your mushrooms before eating, because the skin is packed with essential vitamins and minerals.