Large truss tomatoes

With that true tomato taste, large truss tomatoes are plump, juicy, ripe and rich in colour.

Hand picked and packed after fully ripening on the vine, large truss tomatoes are high in flavour and bursting with nutrients.

More tomato facts


  • High in lycopene, an antioxidant linked to heart health and its role in reducing the instance of many chronic diseases including prostate, breast and other cancers
  • Packed with phytonutrients that help regulate blood fats and platelets
  • Rich in Vitamins A and C, and calcium, which helps with iron absorption and improves skin, bone, hair, muscle and teeth health
  • High source of folate which can protect against osteoporosis and anaemia

  • Fat and cholesterol free
  • Contains Vitamin E, which helps blood transport oxygen around the body and can protect against heart disease
  • Contains B vitamins, which give the body energy to fuel the development of muscle tissue
  • Contains fibre, which helps maintain a healthy digestive system



Large truss tomatoes are perfect for everyday use in salads, sandwiches, pasta sauces and home cooking.



Whether tossed through a salad with fresh basil leaves, added to a savoury tart, or as a simple healthy snack, tomatoes are a versatile addition to any kitchen.

We’ve gathered our favourite tomato recipes to share with you.