Costa is Australia's largest grower, pre-packer and marketer of fresh mushrooms.  With farms located around the country, we supply farm-fresh quality mushrooms within 24 hours of harvest.

Full control of our entire growing and distribution means we can guarantee access to fresh, quality mushrooms 52 weeks of the year

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Brown and white mushroom are the most commonly grown varieties in Australia.  At Costa we grow both, proudly catering to the nation's strong appetite for this very versatile fungi.  Our carefully managed crops are tended by a team of highly skilled and committed growers that keep your love of mushrooms in mind.

The Costa Mushroom Category grows Button, Cup and Flat Mushrooms. These all hail from the one crop – yet are harvested at different stages of the growing cycle. 

Our mushrooms are grown, handpicked and graded for quality, then packed and delivered daily, all within 24 hours of harvest. 

We supply both loose mushrooms for self-select, and pre-packaged mushrooms in whole or pre-sliced punnets for quality and convenience.

Costa’s pre-packed mushrooms are harvested directly into their punnets – they are only handled once during the harvesting process. This reduces bruising and helps maintain the quality and freshness customers expect from our mushrooms.

Costa mushrooms are supplied to all major retailers and local independent stores via wholesale market.

Farm to family

The Costa mushroom team is passionate about growing only the best quality mushrooms.

With full ownership of our farms, we retain full control of the entire growing process and can confidently deliver to our freshest, highest standards.  From tending and nurturing while they grow, to gentle hand picking and fresh storage, every step is carefully considered by our experienced team, so you get the best quality.

As well as growing, we produce spawn seed for each of our farms from our own in-house composting facilities. Then, we also take care of packaging and distribution so that every stage of the process is under Costa's care.  

It's so we can deliver the freshest mushrooms to you and your family each and every day of the year.


Within the Costa Mushroom Category, our portfolio of brands include Costa Mushrooms, Adelaide Mushrooms and Tasmanian Mushrooms. Each of these brands are synonymous with quality, and they are well established in the Australian market. 

The recent introduction of our own Costa Mushrooms brand cements our position as fully integrated grower, distributor and marketer of fresh Australian grown mushrooms.

More mushroom facts


  • Costa is Australia's largest supplier of pre-packed mushrooms
  • 52 week production and supply 
  • Our mushrooms reach all capital cities within 24 hours of harvest
  • Ongoing R&D into pre-packaging, storage and shelf life
  • Five composting facilities producing the best growing medium for our farms
  • We harvest in excess of 15.3 million mushrooms per week
  • We utilise sustainable processes and nutrient sources for our compost
  • We manufacture,  wholesale and distribute our mushroom spawn (or seed)
  • We are the largest producer of an exclusive variety of brown mushrooms in Australia, which are fast gaining popularity with foodies
  • Mushrooms contain up to three times more protein than other vegetables, with 100g containing about 3g of protein
  • Mushrooms are classed as vegetarian and can be eaten when following the Paleo diet
  • They're low in carbohydrates, low in fat, and have no salt and unique fibre

Growing regions

We have mushroom farms in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania. The Costa Mushroom Category provides employment for over 1200 people and our Mernda, Victoria site is the largest mushroom farm in the Southern Hemisphere.

Costa supports cultural diversity, employing people from all over the world. We also support employment within the local community.

In 2011, we were recognised for our commitment to promoting diversity in our Mernda workplace, winning the award for Employment & Inclusion of Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Australians at the Diversity @ Work Employment and Inclusion Awards.

Distribution and ranging

Costa mushrooms are delivered to all capital cities nationally within 24 hours of harvest.

Our fresh Australian grown mushrooms are ranged in all major retailers, with pre-packed options in private label branding and loose mushrooms in our own brand.

Our branded products include Costa Mushrooms, Adelaide Mushrooms and Tasmanian Mushrooms. These are marketed through the wholesale market, and are available via independent retailers.

Alliance partner

Costa enjoys a valued alliance partnership with Monterey Mushrooms.

This international, vertically integrated fresh mushroom company values quality production, and exceptional customer service.

We learn much from them, and share our extensive knowledge, too. Together, we are at the forefront of mushroom growing so we can both continue to be the best.

Alliance partner

Costa enjoys a valued alliance partnership with Amycel Spawn. 

Combined with the Biotechnical Research and Development Group, the companies collectively serve the mushroom industry by providing a combination of products and services required by our mushroom growers.

Selection and storage

Selection: Look for mushrooms that are firm to touch with a fairly uniform colour. Mushrooms are extremely fragile and prone to bruising, so you may find some marks and blemishes. Stems are a good indication of freshness – look for strong, healthy stems when shopping for mushrooms.

Storage: Mushrooms are best kept refrigerated. Keep them in their pre-packed punnet or brown paper bag.

Preparation: Simply wipe mushrooms clean with a damp cloth, or quickly immerse in cold water then pat dry if they have excess peat on them. Avoid peeling your mushrooms before eating, because the skin is packed with essential vitamins and minerals.