Quality Assurance

Our quality commitment and initiatives

Costa never compromises on the safety and quality of our produce. We see quality assurance and quality control as among our most important roles in providing industry leadership.

These initiatives stem from the real people who work with us day to day. We understand the challenges facing growers and marketers, and see where the opportunities for improvement and ingenuity lie.

Post-harvest review

Our number one priority is providing our consumers with legal and safe produce of the highest quality. Post-harvest review is a particular area of focus for Costa as it allows us to make significant improvements on quality processes, ensuring optimum storage, ripening, supply and shelf life for all products.

This means researching everything we grow or market and considering the uniqueness and post-harvest trajectory of each fruit or vegetable.

Our depth of knowledge and research on time and temperature analysis is unique and of enormous value to everyone we work with.  It is also an important tool in reducing the incidence of food waste.

Quality control system — ‘Greenlight QC’ 

Australian growers are hardworking, dedicated professionals who strive to provide the best possible produce. Having control over what happens once the produce leaves their premises is vital to an efficient and successful supply chain.

Costa recognised that a quality control system designed specifically for farmers would benefit everyone, from growers to consumers. So we adapted the Greenlight QC initiative to heighten the visibility of stock entering our distribution centres.

We record temperature on arrival, weight, general appearance criteria like shape and colour and presence of defects. We then analyse this information to track trends and provide growers with invaluable information, which they can use to improve quality.

Quality Assurance System

Costa’s National Quality Management System (QMS) is being implemented across every one of our sites. This means every business unit and Costa site is aware of, and adheres to, strict Food Safety and Quality Assurance standards based on industry QA standards including:

  • SQF Code
  • Global G.A.P
  • Freshcare food safety and quality code of practice
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) & GMP certification criteria
  • Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme (HARPS)
  • Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA)
  • Woolworths Supplier Excellence Program
  • Coles Supermarkets Supplier Approval Program

The Costa QMS is updated regularly to incorporate industry changes and ongoing best practice.

Please contact us if you require a copy of a quality assurance certificate.