Costa Care

Costa Care is a culture initiative that sits at the heart of everything we do at Costa. It is built on our existing Costa culture — passion and care for our outstanding people, our safe and nutritious food production and thriving partnerships with our local communities and environments. 


We are committed to ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of all our workers and visitors through the provision of comprehensive safety systems. We believe, through care for one another and a passion for safety excellence, we can achieve a culture where:

  • Teams of employees feel ownership for safety, and take responsibility for themselves and for others.
  • People do not accept low standards and risk-taking.
  • Everyone believes that true improvement can only be achieved as a group.

Costa is an agriculture leader in workplace health and safety with a vision which is embedded in every aspect of our business under our three pillars of safety:

  • To Protect
  • To Improve culture
  • To be the best.

Health and Wellbeing

Costa’s Health and Wellbeing Policy is designed to:

  • Support health and wellbeing including physical, mental and social
  • Reduce stigma around mental health
  • Provide a safe workplace for all employees, visitors and contractors
  • Support continuous improvement in health and wellbeing
  • Build knowledge and awareness of health and wellbeing issues and healthy lifestyle behaviours.