The blackberry is the 'quiet achiever' of the berry world. Not quite as famous as its red and blue cousins, blackberries are still delicious on their own or added to a variety of dishes, desserts and preserves.

More blackberry facts


  • Blackberries are high in Vitamin E, known to protect the heart, strengthen blood vessels and improve eyesight
  • A top 10 fruit for antioxidants, which are essential to combat the effects of ageing and protect against a range of diseases including certain cancers
  • Blackberries are high in phytoestrogens, which are associated with protecting against breast and cervical cancer
  • They're high in fibre
  • Blackberries contain folic acid – which can reduce chromosomal defects in sperm


Blackberries are generally available in Australia from November until April.


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Selection and storage

To select: Choose plump dark-coloured blackberries with no mould or damage, and avoid buying blackberries that are packed too tightly.

To store: It’s best to keep blackberries refrigerated and they are ideally eaten within a day or two of purchase.