Our Partners

Costa’s joint venture and strategic alliance partners ensure consumers can access best quality produce 365 days a year.   

We believe that by partnering with expert growing alliances we can remain at the forefront of varietal development and growing technology to continually be the best in our field.

In Australia we partner with Driscoll’s to market our berries under their brand.  The partnership supports our world-leading blueberry genetics program – with some of  our varieties licensed throughout the Americas.    We continue to work with Driscoll’s in other key areas of berry research and development.

Costa also has a joint venture with Driscoll’s to grow and market berries in China.  Two farms have been established to date in southern China with Costa contributing its farming expertise and Driscoll’s its marketing know-how.

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African Blue is a joint venture in Morocco between  Costa and Total Worldfresh.  African Blue supplies global customers using Costa genetics and expertise.

Meet our strategic partners

Costa maintains a valued alliance with Monterey Mushrooms, recognised worldwide as a leader in the cultivation and supply of premium quality mushrooms.

Visit the Monterey site.

Our table grape supply to the Australian market is supplemented by Sun World’s high quality Californian table grapes. We market Sun World brands here in Australia and import produce for sale during our winter months. We also collaborate in varietal research and development.

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Costa enjoys a valued alliance partnership with Amycel Spawn. Combined with the Biotechnical Research and Development Group, the companies collectively serve the mushroom industry by providing a combination of products and services required by our mushroom growers.

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