Environmental Social Governance

Our commitment to our stakeholders

The appetite for greater sustainability is accelerating every year. We have listened to our team, customers, investors, the community, and other stakeholders to understand what is most important to them. 

Costa is the biggest fresh produce supplier to the Australian retailers and with this comes a responsibility to work together with retailers to support their goals and aspirations and provide sustainable, fresh quality produce to consumers at affordable prices.

In particular we share their commitment to sustainability including achieving a target of net zero emissions, reducing the incidence of food waste, developing closed loop packaging solutions, and ensuring the ethical sourcing and supply of products throughout the entire supply chain.

We also share a focus on issues which are important to all our stakeholders in respect to climate resilience and adaptation, water stewardship, protecting and enhancing biodiversity, reducing the nutritional inputs that are used in growing, and improving the communities in which we work.

Costa is committed to playing our part in making Australia’s food and grocery supply chain and sector as sustainable as it possibly can be, while also contributing to our nation’s food security and helping consumers to eat healthy nutritious food, affordably.