Costa mushroom facility

The Costa Mushroom Category grows, hand picks and grades for quality, then packs and delivers daily.

Our Teams

The Costa Mushroom team is passionate about growing only the best quality mushrooms. Our carefully managed crops are tended by a team of highly skilled and committed growers that keep your love of mushrooms in mind. We know what it means to be well grown.

Our team at Mushrooms works together to find ways to keep producing mushrooms that are fresh, affordable and nutritious while setting the standard in sustainable commercial farming. It’s all part of sharing healthy food on a scale that’s large enough to nourish Australia.

The Mushroom Category provides employment for more than 1200 people from many diverse backgrounds, in various types of jobs across a range of broad and specialised fields. Encompassing roles across operations in growing, distribution, warehousing, maintenance, harvesting crops to general hands, forklift drivers and hands on supervisory roles. Some opportunities arise in management, sales, human resources, safety and finance across the year. We are always happy to hear from potential employees.

Our Facilities

With full ownership of our farms, we retain full control of the entire growing process and distribution and can confidently deliver to the freshest, highest standards. Our fully vertically integrated farms are located around the country which enables us to control all the processes. This means we are able to supply farm-fresh quality mushrooms within 24 hours of harvest, guaranteeing access to fresh, quality mushrooms 52 weeks of the year.

Our Products

Costa grows an abundance of white and brown Agaricus mushrooms with the white Agaricus being the most commonly grown mushroom in Australia. Costa grows an exclusive variety of brown mushrooms, and we are the largest supplier in Australia.

Costa grows button, cup and flat mushrooms in both brown and white varieties, all harvested at different stages of the growing cycle. We supply both loose mushrooms for self-select and pre-packaged mushrooms in whole or pre-sliced punnets for quality and convenience.

White mushrooms are subtle in flavour, making them a popular and versatile addition to many meals from morning to night. Brown mushrooms have a richer, earthier flavour, being firm and robust, and with less moisture content, they have a dense, meaty texture. They hold their shape better when cooked and add a beautiful rustic colour to many meals.

The Mushroom Category has facilities across the country including locations in Mernda, Victoria; Monarto, south Australia; and Casuarina, Western Australia.

Where we grow

Want to know more about where we grow? Take a look at our Harvest Trail and Locations or contact us.

Our Community

The Mushroom Category is committed to supporting community endeavours. In the districts surrounding its various facilities the Category sponsors a number of local sporting clubs, schools, community groups, numerous council and diverse community special events. It is also a great supporter of re-vegetation and conservation efforts relevant to the surrounds of its compost and mushroom farms, working closely with local councils and Land Management Groups.

Our Brands

Within the Mushroom Category, our portfolio of brands includes Costa Mushrooms and Adelaide Mushrooms. These brands are synonymous with quality and are well established in the Australian market.

Our entire growing and distribution process is controlled by Costa which means we can guarantee Australians access to fresh, quality mushrooms 52 weeks of the year.