Sustainable Commercial Farming

Finding more sustainable ways to make fresh, healthy food available for everyone is one of the most critical issues of our times and we believe that Costa has a vital role to play.

At Costa, we call this Sustainable Commercial Farming and we are proud to lead the way. Our Sustainable Commercial Farming commitment is:

‘The nutritious fresh food we grow contributes directly to global health and wellbeing. 

We recognise that with this comes a responsibility and expectation that our food is grown in a way that places an emphasis on environmental stewardship and sustainability.

At all times, we must also respect the trust placed in us by consumers and seek to supply food of the highest quality and safety, while providing value for money. 

We are committed to ensuring this fresh food is both fairly and ethically sourced through the entire supply chain.’

Costa has adopted a systematic and tailored Sustainable Commercial Farming strategy to ensure we can progressively improve the yield and quality of our healthy and nutritious products whilst reducing our environmental impact.

Read our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainable Commercial Farming Pillars

Costa has 10 Sustainable Commercial Farming Principles. The principles serve as a clear statement and commitment to what we consider to be the fundamentals of Sustainable Commercial Farming and what we commit to do in these areas.

Energy Reporting

The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme is a single national framework for reporting information on greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Food Safety and Quality

Costa is dedicated to producing safe, quality, nutritious fresh
food for consumers through commercially sustainable farming practices and


Costa is committed to reducing the use of non-recyclable packaging and is on track to meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets.