Farm to Family

Costa is dedicated to delivering fresh produce from paddock to plate.  

Across our fresh produce categories, our passion, knowledge and growing integrity has made us Australia's leading producer, marketer and exporter of premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

In all that we do, Costa is committed to sustainable agriculture. This ensures our products are healthy, safe and of a high quality while protecting and improving the natural environment at the same time.

Our farms are located around the country, and each one has been carefully selected to ensure optimal growing conditions. This way, we can grow in the best possible environment. The right conditions – coupled with skilled, specialised and extremely passionate growing teams – give us the confidence that we can continually deliver quality produce.

We invest in ongoing R&D and we utilise protected cropping across our farms to mitigate agricultural risk. For example, all of our tomatoes are grown in glasshouses; our mushrooms are grown in climate controlled growing rooms; and our berries are protected by poly tunnels, still growing as nature intended.

Your family can enjoy our produce knowing that it was grown in a natural environment, cared for and nurtured until ready for harvest, and delivered as quickly and carefully as possible to your door.  

After all, fresh is our passion.