CSIRO Report warns Australian diets lacking in fruit and vegetables

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Australia’s largest ever fruit and vegetable survey conducted by the CSIRO has found that four out of five Australian adults are not eating enough fruit and vegetables in order to meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

 Key survey findings:

  •           The CSIRO surveyed 145,000 adults and found only 24 per cent of women and 15 per cent of men were eating the recommended two fruits and five vegetables a day.
  •           Men, younger adults, obese and unemployed people were identified as being most in need of increasing their fruit and vegetable intake.
  •           Retirees, especially those over the age of 71, were found to eat better than younger generations.

A link to the full report can be found at – https://www.csiro.au/en/News/News-releases/2017/Diets-Lacking-in-Fruit-and-Vegetables

You can alsotake the free CSIRO Healthy Diet Score at www.csirodietscore.com