Kids Harvest Over 300 kg’s of Mushrooms at the 2018 Good Friday Appeal

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What an incredible day with our team of volunteers harvesting fresh BROWN & WHITE mushrooms directly off their growing beds at the Good Friday Appeal Kids Day Out.

This year, the fundraising event took place on Friday 30th March at the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings with Costa invited by Woolworths to provide support.   Located within the Woolworths fresh food pavilion at Geoff’s shed, this event helps raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital appeal. The day provides kids and families an opportunity to enjoy a fun day out raising money for this worthy cause seeking gold coin donations for the activities and purchases made on the day.

This year Costa supplied 6 mushroom beds ready for harvest by kids & adults for a Gold coin donation.  We harvested over 300kg’s of mushrooms fresh off the beds with our team of Costa and Woolworths staff volunteering their time to supporting the event.  We also took the opportunity to teach kids how to harvest mushrooms and to educate them on the importance of good healthy food for health and wellbeing.  Great to see some children harvest and eat mushrooms straight off the beds! 

This year, Woolworths raised close to $1.5M contributing to the total tally of $18.043M raised.  A phenomenal effort by the team at Woolworths and all the volunteers who invest a great deal of time, effort and planning to make this event successful each and every year.