Costa celebrates national banana day at Walkamin Primary School, Far North Queensland

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Australia celebrated National Banana Day on Wednesday May 1 and the team at Costa Bananas got into the celebrations by getting involved in their local community. 

5 MILLION Bananas are consumed by Australians everyday making them one of the most popular fruits in the country.

Approximately 95 per cent of bananas grown in Australia are the Cavendish variety. The next most popular is Lady Finger (about four per cent) and then there a range of other varieties grown for smaller markets, including Ducasse, Goldfinger, Red Dakka and plantain cooking bananas.

While Queensland accounts for 94 per cent of Australia’s 13,000 hectares of banana production, almost all of that is in North Queensland, mainly around the Cassowary Coast (Tully, Innisfail and Kennedy) region, south of Cairns, on the Atherton Tablelands, and at Lakeland, north of Cairns.

Costa has banana farms at Walkamin and Tully, producing from approximately 270 hectares.  

Costa was pleased to visit Walkamin Primary School to celebrate the day, where students enjoyed eating some locally grown bananas.