Costa drives produce into new market

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A new trial led by the Costa Farms and Logistics team will see Costa Fresh Produce Boxes, filled with apples and bananas, delivered to 60 Caltex-Ampol service stations across Victoria on a weekly basis.
Joseph Borg, National Business Development Manager, Vertical Farming, said the trial launched this week was the result of an identified need to provide fresh fruit into the petrol and convenience market segment.

“While Victoria was locked down with COVID restrictions, we were able to complete the preparations for launch in readiness for when Victoria reopened,” Joseph said.

“This has provided Costa with an opportunity to diversify its customer base and establish a new platform for healthy snacking produce.

“It has also provided an opportunity for us to build different internal packing capabilities at Derrimut to meet the needs of new customers and their requirements.”

The trial has involved a cross-collaboration between Costa Farms and Logistics, the National Food Safety and Quality team and Vertical Farming.

“We have had a great team working on this project, with a strong focus on quality control to ensure we can provide the best quality fruit.

“This provides a prime opportunity to tap into the snacking platform.  Once we get through the State trial, if it is successful, we will look at the national opportunities and hopefully extend it to other produce lines.”