Study Assistance

Costa encourages employees to develop their skills and knowledge through further education by providing financial assistance and time off for approved studies which help to fulfil organisational, and develop individual, needs within Costa.

Proposed courses of study must be relevant to an employee’s current or possible next work role within the company, in line with the employee’s development plan.

The types of study covered are certificates, diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate or higher degree courses and professional development courses that provide employees with a formal qualification on completion of study.

Costa also pays for upskilling employees providing paid training in a number of areas where employees are encouraged to develop their skill sets.

Meet Blaine Astell

Raspberry Farm Manager, Tasmania

I have completed an Associate Degree in Agribusiness Management. The course was over two years and was mainly via distance. We had one tutorial a week that was after work hours and two workshops every semester at an agricultural business.

The main driver for me wanting to study the course was to develop my skills to better perform my role and to gain a qualification that would assist me in progressing my career.

The course has provided me with skills that will enable me to further progress in the company. The course is unique in the fact that it provides both horticultural and business learnings, through theory and workshops at various agricultural businesses to see the theory in ‘real world practice’. Another great learning I found through my study is the impact of my role and our business on environmental sustainability and this has enabled me to make better conscious decisions in regard to this.

Costa reimbursed my costs for the course and without that support I am not sure I would have done it.

Blaine Astell
Raspberry Farm Manager