Costa team supports Joey’s recovery

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The Costa team in Far North Queensland raised a total of $8320 through the Great Wheelbarrow Race.

The money is being used to help the recovery Joey Donald, an eight-year old Yungaburra boy who is battling severe injuries after a horse-riding accident in late 2018. Joey’s mum, Sarah-Jane Mohammed, said Joey had just returned home after seven months in hospital.

“He has progressed well physically walking inside the house unaided and outside the house with the assistance of a walker/wheelchair. Cognitively, socially and emotionally he still has a fair way to go. He was diagnosed mid November 2018 with Severe Diffuse Axonal Injury and doctors explained it takes two years for the brain to heal, so we have hope that he will continue to progress,” Sarah-Jane said.

“A massive thanks to Carolyn Tomerini  and Ben Turner for organising the fundraising side of things and then of course the runners. We are so grateful for the support we have received from this amazing community.”