Costa scholarship makes a difference

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For rural science student Emily Dryden, receiving a scholarship from Costa Berries has made all the difference in her studies at the University of New England.

Emily, from the Central Coast of New South Wales, is in the second year of a Bachelor of Rural Science and is the inaugural recipient of the Costa (Berry Category) Scholarship in Horticulture, worth $5000 a year.

Costa Berries supports scholarships at the University of New England, University of Queensland and the University of Tasmania to support students who are pursuing a career in agriculture or horticulture.

Emily, who comes from a single parent family, said the Scholarship had ensured she could focus on her studies.

“The scholarship has been a great help to me, providing financial assistance to buy text books and other equipment. It means I don’t have to try and fit in part-time work and am able to concentrate on my degree,” she said.

“I am passionate about the agricultural and horticultural industry and the sustainability of both the environment and our future resources.  I am keen to use science and research as a gateway to improving and sustaining Australia’s agricultural production and ensuring that every person has access to fresh food and safe water for generations to come.”