Leo focuses on sustainability

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Leo Boden

Sustainability is a key focus for Leo Boden, who is the recipient of the 2021 Costa Berries Scholarship in Horticultural Science at the University of Queensland.

Leo is in his third year of a dual degree in Agribusiness and Sustainable Agriculture, with a Horticulture major.

“My family has no agricultural background but when I was at school, I was looking at my options and agriculture appealed being a future focused industry. The broad scope within the industry struck me immediately as being full of possibilities in terms of sustainability, science and technology. It was also touted there were great job prospects which was appealing,” Leo said.

“I chose Horticulture as I’m interested in the challenges of growing fruits and vegetables in Australia.  In one of my university subjects, I chose to analyse Costa Group operations for an assignment, and I was impressed with the operational aspects of their approach to sustainable horticulture, business activities and workplace culture.

“Science and sustainability are significant factors in horticulture moving forward and my studies at UQ are addressing these issues. I’m thrilled and thankful for the opportunity to learn from Costa Berries.”

Leo said the work experience opportunities were highly valued.

“The scholarship funds have given me confidence that I can pay my way to travel to undertake work experience Australia wide, as necessary. They also provide for the possibility of me giving up one of my three part-time jobs to focus on my studies and holiday work experience positions.”

Costa offers a range of scholarships through the University of Tasmania, University of Queensland, University of New England, Charles Sturt University and CQUniversity.