Costa is a world leader in blueberry varietal improvement, and grows approximately 45% of Australia's total blueberry supply.

Knowing that Australians love to enjoy berries all year round, Costa has worked hard to develop a 52 week solution for our flavoursome berries.  This solution ensures the continued supply of delicious and nutritious berries throughout the year – without ever compromising on quality.

Our berries are marketed under the Driscoll's brand in Australia. Through this valued partnership with Driscoll's, we invest in ongoing research and development to continually improve farming practices and the quality of our produce.

Farm to family

We nurture our berries throughout the entire growing and harvesting process to ensure that only the freshest berries are delivered to grocers, supermarkets and other retailers.

A plump, juicy berry needs careful tending throughout the growing process. That’s what our experienced berry team is here for. From propagation to harvest, our berries are cultivated and cared for by a very diligent team of growers.

Every single berry we sell has been gently hand-picked and inspected. Then, they are carefully packaged, weighed and dispatched to their destination.


Costa grows quality berries that are sold both locally and overseas. To help us reach key markets, we partner with well-known brands.

In Australia, our berries are distributed and sold under the Driscoll’s brand. This market leader is committed to the continual delivery of exceptional berries. Within Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we sell our blueberries under the African Blue and Fresh Corindi brands – bringing our delicious blueberries to consumers across the globe.



More juicy berry facts

  • 52 week supply solution
  • Long production season
  • Longer shelf life
  • Continuous R&D into breeding and varietal improvement
  • Integrated pest management research program
  • Export window is September through December
  • Costa is a world leader in blueberry genetics

Growing regions

In Australia, we grow berries in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.  

Our growing sites are in:

  • Atherton Tablelands QLD
  • Corindi NSW
  • Tumbarumba NSW
  • 9 Mile (Sulphur Creek) TAS
  • Dunorlan TAS
  • East Devonport TAS 
  • Wesley Vale TAS
  • Sulphur Creek TAS
  • Lebrina TAS
  • Gingin WA

Costa has expanded internationally and we have joint venture farms in the Rabat Region, North Western Morocco; and southern China.

Costa has international berry growing operations in Morocco and China.


Costa presently owns 86% of the African Blue Joint Venture, growing blueberries in northern Morocco across 294 hectares (as at April 2018). 

The product is predominantly sold into Europe and the UK, with some product also going into South East Asia markets.

We have commenced a commercial trial planting at a new site in Agadir, which is 720kms further south from our existing farms with the aim is to explore opportunities for season crop extension.

The extension of Costa’s R&D blueberry breeding program into Morocco will enable future selection of varieties bred specifically for Morocco.


Costa presently has a joint venture with Driscoll’s (70% Costa, 30% Driscoll’s) growing blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in southern China.

Presently into our third year of expansion (2018), with operations spread across three farms.  Currently harvesting off 46 hectares, with total plantings of circa 100 hectares. 

All plantings are being undertaken in substrate (out of soil), utilising Costa’s world leading agronomic practices.

Blueberries with their widely publicised health benefits are especially well positioned to capitalise on the increasing focus by the growing Chinese middle class on a healthier lifestyle.

Growing methods

Costa's berry category is proudly at the forefront of genetic and growing innovation.  We export to some of the most demanding markets in the world, so food safety is paramount.

In all that we grow, we're committed to sustainable production and growing.


We distribute berries to leading Australian retailers, wholesale markets and food producers, and we export to South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and the UK.

Joint venture partner

Costa is proud to partner with Driscoll's for berry growing, marketing, and research and development.

Bringing you bite-sized goodness

Once picked and packed, our berries are sent to controlled cool rooms on the same day. Here, they are inspected for quality control and then refrigerated to optimum storage temperature.

Costa is a pioneer in the use of the modified (or controlled) atmosphere method of storage – the berries are stored just below zero temperature, where they are effectively 'put to sleep'. Originally developed as a way of storing apples and pears to prolong shelf life, Costa was the first Australian company to employ this method for berry storage.