Costa provides customers with fresh, flavoursome, vine-ripened tomatoes all year round.

We listen to our consumers and retailers, and together we respond to the emerging trends and changing needs of the market. We are constantly looking to innovate in all areas of protected cropping technologies with the aim of creating a more sustainable environment for our fruit, our people and the communities that we serve.

Costa supplies tomatoes 365 days a year under the Blush® brand and private label brands.

Blush® tomatoes are grown in one of Australia’s largest and most advanced glasshouse facilities, located in the New South Wales town of Guyra. They are also grown in South Australia, Tasmania,  Queensland and Western Australia through our grower partners.

Our state-of-the-art glasshouse technology puts Blush® and Costa at the forefront of innovation in ecologically sustainable practices and sets us apart in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Farm to family

Blush® tomatoes are nurtured under the care of a specialised growing team, whose goal is to grow tomatoes that are packed with flavour. All our varieties are vine-ripened and carefully picked by hand.

Blush® tomatoes are harvested at optimal ripeness, allowing the natural sugars to develop fully so they arrive at their destination fresh and full of flavour.

Throughout the process from farm to family, we adhere to a carefully managed temperature protocol to make the time from glasshouse to retailer as short as possible. 

Join our team

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Blush® is one of Australia’s leading producers and marketers of premium glasshouse grown tomatoes. 

Through our Guyra glasshouse and grower partners in South Australia, Tasmania,  Queensland and Western Australia, Blush® supplies premium tomatoes across the  snacking, speciality, cocktail and large truss segments, 365 days a year.

Blush® attracts the best agricultural and management specialists who are passionate about what they do, and are focused on providing Australian consumers with true tasting tomatoes.

Blush® - Kissed by SunshineTM… You’ll taste the difference!

More tomato facts


  • Over 40 new tomato varieties are trialled annually
  • The glasshouse growing system means that Blush® tomatoes are available all year round
  • Blush® tomatoes are vine-ripened to ensure premium quality, flavour and shelf life

  • We invest in continuous R&D into varietal improvement and new product innovation
  • We have introduced an Integrated Pest Management program to grow tomatoes in the most natural conditions possible 
  • We focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices 

Growing regions

Our 30 hectares of glasshouses are located in Guyra, high in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. The site is perfectly situated to harness the best growing conditions nature has to offer. With its ideal climate of cooler summers and high light levels in winter, Guyra is the perfect location for growing flavoursome tomatoes.

This unique climate, plus the dedicated and passionate growers and state-of-the-art glasshouses, ensure that Australian consumers can enjoy the quality, taste and availability of Blush® tomatoes all year round.

We also have valued arrangements with a number of grower partners in South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania. We work closely with these growers, who share our commitment to high quality produce and best practice growing techniques.

Growing methods

Glasshouse technology is the secret to both the quality of our tomatoes and our reduced environmental footprint.

By growing our tomatoes in a glasshouse we are 90% more water efficient than traditional growing methods. We are much more environmentally friendly too, using 95% less pesticides and 80% less fertilisers.

The Costa glasshouses are the most modern of its kind in Australia – and is edging ever-closer to our goal of zero waste. This facility carefully controls food production, material inputs and CO2 emissions. Even our fertiliser is recycled through the glasshouse.


Blush® tomatoes are delivered Australia-wide to major supermarket retailers, independent grocers and wholesale markets.

Our tomatoes are vine-ripened, hand-picked, packed and then shipped. They are often available in store within 24 hours of harvest.

Selection and storage

To select: Look for firm fruit with good quality skin and that fresh 'tomato' smell. 

To store: Always store at room temperature, rather than in the fridge, but be aware that putting tomatoes in the same bowl as apples and/or bananas will accelerate the fruits’ ripening process. 

To eat: The top tomato on the vine is the ripest and should be eaten first. Leave the others on the vine to continue to draw nutrients, giving the tomatoes a longer shelf life and more flavour as they ripen.