Costa supports Fresh Produce Packaging Position Statement

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As a founding member of the Australian Fresh Produce Alliance (AFPA), Costa fully supports the Position Statement on Fresh Produce Packagingwhich has been released publicly in September 2019.

Australian Fresh Produce Alliance Position Statement on Fresh Produce Packaging

Food waste is a growing global problem, with significant economic, social and environmental consequences. Fresh fruit and vegetables are perishable, which means they start deteriorating as soon as they are picked and if not handled and stored properly, can lead to wastage.

The purpose of packaging is to reduce fresh food waste and its disposal to landfill, because nobody gains if tonnes of freshly grown, healthy and nutritious food are thrown away because of inadequate or no packaging.

We recognise that waste in all forms presents its challenges and this requires a holistic approach. Therefore, the design and application of the packaging we use is also aimed at minimising packaging waste.

Five key things we commit to minimise packaging waste are:

  1. Ensuring that the role of packaging is focused on providing consumers with freshly grown, healthy and nutritious food, and minimising food waste.
  2. Implementing the agreement by state and federal Environment Ministers in April 2018 that ‘100 per cent of Australian packaging be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2025 or earlier to cut down on the amount of waste we produce’. – More than 75% of Alliance members’ current retail packaging (by volume) is recyclable, compostable or reusable.
  3. Removing any non-functional or surplus packaging by designing it for optimal efficiency to maintain product freshness and maximising the availability of nutritious food.
  4. Reducing the amount of packaging through the broader supply chain, and working toward developing a circular economy for packaging (where current packaging is recycled into new packaging) including recycled content.
  5. Working with industry, suppliers, recyclers, and retailers to deliver outcomes, and encouraging the development of environmentally sustainable packaging.