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Costa’s Perino Tomatoes and Coles are partnering to raise funds for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKGF), helping children form positive food habits for life.

Until Tuesday 16 February 2021, for every punnet of red or gold Perino Tomatoes 200g sold, five cents will be donated to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, with the aim of raising up to $100,000.

Perino Tomatoes are 100% Australian grown by Costa, in glasshouses located in Guyra in New South Wales, and exclusive to Coles.

Senior Grower Manager at Guyra Tal Kanety says the premium quality and taste of Perino Tomatoes is the result of a flawless growth environment and process, and the reason why they are such a hit with kids and adults alike.

“Every plant is pollinated, trained and nurtured by our dedicated teams by hand. Our tomatoes are ripened on the vine, which means they reach optimal sweetness,” he said. 

The SAKGF is an education-based food program founded by renowned Australian chef Stephanie Alexander AO.

“Perino tomatoes are delicious and fun bursts of goodness and we are delighted that this donation will help us continue our work of supporting over 2000 schools and early childhood services across Australia helping students experience to growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal and delicious food,” Stephanie said.

This latest initiative forms part of Coles three-year partnership with the SAKGF, providing thousands of children across Australia access to a food education program that helps them develop a healthy relationship with food, self-confidence and life skills.

More than 2,000 schools and early learning centres around Australia currently participate in the SAKGF, reaching around 250,000 children and their families each year.

To learn more about the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, click here to visit its website.