Costa rallies for Tongan colleagues

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With a large contingent of Tongan employees, Costa has rallied to provide funds and goods to support the relief effort in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit the island nation in January.

The Costa business committed $25,000 to the relief effort and, in collaboration with Coles, has coordinated a shipping container filled with food, water, household and personal care supplies.

During a recent Costa Care Forum, two of our Tongan employees, Albert Chan and Tamefuna Vi, provided a first-hand account of the impact on our Tongan workforce and their families and the type of assistance most needed in their home country.  This inspired many of our team to take action, resulting in the shipment.

The container will begin its 30-day voyage to Tonga on Saturday. On arrival the goods will be distributed to Costa employees’ families across Tonga.

“We have more than 300 Tongan employees, many of whom have been with Costa for more than two years and who are all well and truly part of our Costa family,” Costa CEO and Managing Director Sean Hallahan said.

“Through our Costa Care Forum, we liaised closely with our employees on how we could best support their families.  We are also very appreciative of the support from Coles in getting this shipment together.”

In addition, Costa staff raised $4270 to go towards the relief effort. The majority of this funding has gone to the Red Cross Tonga Earthquake Eruption and Tsunami Response.

In response, the Red Cross thanked Costa staff for their support.

“The funds you raised have enabled Australian Red Cross to send water containers, mosquito nets, solar lanterns, tarps and shelter kits to bolster relief supplies already in the country.

“We are also providing our local partner Tonga Red Cross with technical support as well as support for their operating costs.

“With your support, we have raised the funds needed to support Tonga Red Cross to continue meeting the immediate needs of communities affected by the disaster. Thank you for the life-changing difference you have made,” Ashlea Watkins, Community Fundraising Manager, Australian Red Cross.

Costa PRIMED to promote careers

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Costa has collaborated with the Western Australian Department of Education as part of the PRIMED project, designed to build greater awareness and understanding of the primary industries sector and its importance to the local economy.

The PRIMED project is an initiative between the Department of Education, the Department of Training and Workforce Development, and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

In September 2021, the Costa Berries and Mushroom farms participated in ​​a PRIMED workshop in Perth, aimed at equipping and inspiring teachers to prepare students in Years 7-12 for futures in primary industries in Western Australia by providing them an opportunity to connect with representatives from the primary industries and integrate into their curriculum delivery.

With a vision to create a food secure and sustainable world, the PRIMED resources seek to engage students to build an understanding of primary industries to improve their understanding of the diversity within primary industries and enable them to make informed career pathway choices.

As part of the ongoing project, a serious of videos highlighting opportunities in the primary industries sector are being created, including one featuring Deniz Kansak, Human Resources Manager for the Costa Casuarina Mushroom Farm.

The videos will be made available to high school teachers, to use as a resource for students in Years 7 to 9. This video featuring Deniz, was developed as a resource for Technologies: Food and Fibre but will also be useful in HASS and Science subjects.

Costa PRIMED to promote careers from Costa on Vimeo.