Sustainability Report 2020

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Costa has released its Sustainability Report 2020, covering all Costa operations in Australia, Morocco and China.

Costa has adopted a systematic and tailored Sustainable Commercial Farming strategy to ensure that we work for the long term to progressively improve the yield and quality of our healthy and nutritious products whilst achieving a per unit reduction in crop production inputs.

We accept our responsibility for the environment and communities within which we farm and grow our crops whilst recognising that innovation is required to enhance productivity, reduce waste and adapt to challenges presented by such issues as water security and climate change, while continuing to supply product that is fundamental to the maintenance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our 2020 Sustainability Report provides key data on our actions across our key areas of the Environment, Economic and People.

Key highlights in the report include:

  • Reporting on our adoption of the Task Force on Climated Related-financial Disclosure;
  • Reported metrics – greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, total energy produced, water use by category, total water use, kilograms of produce grown per ML of water used;
  • Health¬†and safety key data;
  • People key data.

Download the Costa Group Sustainability Report 2020.