Uni students pick a good job

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For university students Tarun Mills and James Bhorla, picking blueberries over the summer break is the perfect way to earn extra money to fund their studies.

Tarun, who grew up in Woolgoolga, has just finished his fourth year in medicine at the University of New South Wales and is now in his third harvest season at Costa Berries in Corindi.

“I started picking here in the 2017 summer holidays. I don’t have a lot of time to work when I’m at uni so this is a good opportunity to earn money.  It’s a great environment to meet lots of people,” Tarun said.

“This is my fourth year picking.  When I first started it was hard work, but you can make decent money. You have it put the effort in but it’s definitely worth it. The environment is really good here.

“I like working outside and working with my hands which I don’t get to do when I’m at uni.”

Tarun said the holiday job helped support him throughout the year.

“I was hoping to come back for one more season, but I’ll be doing a placement next year so this might be my last one unfortunately,” he said.

James, who also went to Woolgoolga High School, has just finished his third year studying radiography at the University of Newcastle. This is his fourth season picking at Costa.

“Doing uni you don’t get much time during the year so it’s difficult to get a job. Working here means I also get to come home,” he said.

“You get to be outside and active and you get to meet really interesting people and learn about their experiences. It’s pretty fun.”

James said the flexibility also enabled him to work around uni placements and being paid according to how much you pick was motivating.

“It’s a good amount of pay to get you through the year. It is just a really good experience and I would encourage people to give it a go.”

Costa Berries bus starts in Devonport

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Costa Berries Tasmania is trialling a four-week bus service to support local workers travelling to its farms in the Devonport area.

Cameron Folder, Costa Berries Regional Manager, said the business was partnering with local provider Merseylink to provide an additional local Devonport bus service.

“The service will commence on Monday 14 December and operate seven days a week except for Christmas Day,” Mr Folder said.

“Our recruitment team receives regular feedback that a lack of transport is a barrier for people attending work.

“Analysis of our local applications supports this and indicates a number of potential workers do not have access to transport.

“Costa has listened to those concerns and as a result we are partnering with Merseylink to subsidise a local Devonport bus service.

“The service will connect locals in Devonport to our East Devonport strawberry farm and Wesley Vale strawberry and raspberry farms providing a morning pick up and return travel.”

The cost is $2.50 each way with travellers asked to have small amounts of change to pay the driver.

“We hope this new bus service will help overcome a barrier to employment for local residents,” Mr Folder said.

“To date more than 200 Tasmanians have commenced work with Costa for the summer harvest.”

Costa Berries Tasmania is still actively recruiting and anyone who would like to join the team can apply at costagroup.com.au/pick-adventure or by calling into our East Devonport recruitment office.

Costa Berries/Merseylink bus timetable

0515 Opposite Devonport High, Best Street, Devonport

0520 Devonport Community House, Morris Avenue, Devonport

0525 Opposite Brown Bear, Berrigan Road, Miandetta

0535 Corner Torquay Road and Caroline Street, East Devonport

0540 Strawberry Farm, corner Upper Drew and Bovill Street, East Devonport

0550 Strawberry Farm, 330 Mill Road, Wesley Vale

0555 Raspberry Farm 339 Wrights Lane, Northdown.

Return services from the Northdown Raspberry Farm on the reverse route depart at 2pm and 3pm.

Costa launches Mush-Boom

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It’s official! Costa has launched Mush-Boom nationally, a consumer-facing advocacy brand created to encourage Australians to eat more mushrooms.

Our locally grown Aussie mushrooms can be found in major and independent retailers across Australia.

The Mush-Boom website is loaded with quick and easy, delicious and nutritious summer recipes which will inspire you to add some mushies to your summer barbie.