Tumbarumba berries go organic

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The Costa Berry farms in the Tumbarumba region are the first farms across the Costa Group to convert to organically grown produce.

The farms, located at Rosewood and Taradale in the Tumbarumba region in the Snowy Mountains, are ideally suited to organic growing due to their high elevation and cool winter, which minimises pest pressure.

The farms, which are currently ‘organic-in conversion’, will be fully certified by 2023.  During the conversion process, the farm must adhere fully to the organic standard.

Nico Mulder, the Regional Manager for the Costa farms, welcomed the move to organic farming.

“Our farms are in an ideal location for organic farming as we have very low pest and disease pressure, reducing the need for pesticides.  We are very excited to be at the forefront of organic growing for Costa,” Mr Mulder said.

Organic in-conversion enables consumers to purchase a product which has been grown organically for a minimum of 12 months, as they await full certification.

The blueberries from this year’s harvest are being sold as organic-in-conversion through Driscoll’s, and are free from pesticides and any disallowed inputs or fertiliser, are additive free and non-GMO.