Tree planting in memory of Frank Costa AO

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A project to commemorate Frank Costa AO and contribute to biodiversity across Costa farms has started, with trees planted at our farms in the Sunraysia region.

The project grew out of Costa’s inaugural Sustainability Prize and the Well Grown Seed Fund, which encourages people across the business to submit their ideas for sustainability projects.

Chris Potgieter, Agricultural Technician in Mildura, proposed an idea that each site or office in Australia should plant one to three trees each year in honour of Frank Costa AO. The idea was that trees could be planted each year to recognise everything Frank has done for the fresh produce industry and all Costa employees. It was also a way to increase biodiversity across the Costa sites and create awareness of the importance of trees.

This week, three trees were planted at the Colignan Farm and three at the Trentham Farm, with a plaque commemorating Frank Costa with the words ‘Planted in memory of Frank Costa AO, a champion of the people. Greatly admired and respected within Costa Group and the fresh produce industry’. The trees are Lophostemon Confertus – an evergreen, a conscious selection in honour of keeping the memory of Frank Costa AO alive year round.  

Tree planting programs are now planned for other Costa sites, including Nangiloc and the tomato glasshouses in Guyra.

Frank Costa passed away on May 2, 2021. He is remembered as a champion of the people, living by the mantra of ‘hire for character, train for skill’.