Stop the mushroom levy

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Costa Group is conducting a ballot to abolish the compulsory mushroom spawn levy.

Since 2014, when the mushroom levy was doubled, $18 million of growers’ money has been wasted on ineffective marketing and administration.

This is the most of any fresh produce category, yet there has been little to no growth in household consumption of mushrooms.

While other categories which do not have a compulsory levy, such as blueberries and tomatoes, have achieved significant growth, the mushroom industry has spent more but received the least return to levy payers.

The AMGA supported the doubling of the levy and needs to take responsibility for it. Growers should be able to directly invest the levy money they currently pay in their own marketing rather than have their money wasted through the ineffective mushroom levy.

As a levy payer and the largest mushroom grower, Costa is not content to watch our industry be destroyed and has requested a ballot to abolish the compulsory mushroom spawn levy.

This will be an anonymous postal ballot, confidential, and independently audited through Link Market Services, who also conduct the HIAL AGM ballot.

If we do not act now, then the next six years will be no different to the last six. Make your voice heard and vote to abolish the mushroom spawn levy.

An information pack is being sent to all eligible levy payers and ballot papers will be forwarded in November.

Department of Agriculture Levy Principles and Guidelines explaining how the vote has to be conducted are available at

If you believe you are eligible to vote in the mushroom spawn levy ballot but have not received an information pack, or have questions about why the levy should be abolished, please contact: